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A Sustainable Future for

Park View Island.

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Go Park View Island!

Our Mission


Address Neighborhood Concerns

Park View Island is Centrally Located in North Beach, located just outside the new Town Center boundary and across the street from North Shore Park and Tennis Courts.


Community Improvement

Advocating Issues as one Group.

Long Term Sustainable Improvement of Island Quality of Life.

Monthly Newsletter with Updates.

Online Zoom Neighbor Events.

Post Covid - Neighbor BBQ.

Kiddies Play-Dates.

Clean Up Club.

Kayak Club*


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Sustainable Development for a  Bright Future

Ensuring when the development and redevelopment on certain parts of our island happen, neighbors have a voice and as a group work towards a greater impact.

The Park View Island of the future has your voice. Use it!

Join our simple mission to create a safe inclusive community where neighbors work together towards a more

prosperous and sustainable future for

this island community.

A Neighborhood Association that puts Residents & Community needs at the Forefront

Park View Island has been suffering for too long from the absence of a body whose job is to think about Island issues and promote improvement. This new Sustainable Association will focus on improving the quality of life issues on the island. Working as a whole group, we can achieve better access to City Officials, Property Management Services and reduced group rates on Pest Control, Landscaping, Maintenance, and many other services residents already require day to day. 

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The Future of Park View Island is Bright.

Join the Conversation

"Gary Ave. Resident"

Sidewalks and Parking

"When I first moved into Park View Island years ago, there was not as many cars or residents. Today the island feels crammed and forgotten about. It would be great to have sidewalks on Gary Ave. and Raymond St. Our Parking spaces should not suffer. We need more parking for residents."

"Raymond St. Resident"

NOBE Community Redevelopment Agency

"  Is Park View Island part of the new North Beach Community Redevelopment Agency ?"

NO, Park View Island is not part of the recently established North Beach CRA. 

"Michael St. Resident"

Updated Playground & Park

"The City of Miami Beach did a fantastic job renovating the Children's Playground and Park View Island Park and the Kayak Launch at the entrance of the island some years ago. We love the trees and tranquility they provide. We wish the City would plant more mature Trees on the rest of the island."

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